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In 4 Simple Steps Turn Any PLR, MRR or Resale Rights Product
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There are two things if done right are guaranteed to bring you massive amounts of passive and residual income, those are list building and membership sites. Combine the two and you have a power packed income strategy that's hard to best.

The problem is that getting the two set up and working together can be a complicated nightmare...and certainly not easily duplicated over and over again.That is until now. Watch in real time as I go through the four simple steps in less than 5 minutes to create a membership site from an ordinary MRR ebook product.

Yes, it's just that simple!

But Wait! We've Made It Even Easier Than Before!


In Version 1 of Easy Membership Site Creator You Had To Create A Database For Your Membership Site To Function. Now For Old School HTML Coders That Wasn't A Problem, But For Someone Brand New To Online Marketing and Websites It Was A Chore To Get This All Setup.

We're Proud To Say We Have Eliminated All Of The Frustration! The New v2.0 of Easy Membership Site Creator Doesn't Require A Database At All. In Fact By Doing Away With All of The MySQL and Database Stuff We Cut The Process For Getting Your Site Configured and Online In Half!

Take a look at the features Easy Member Site Creator v2.0 offers:

Extremely Easy To Use
When I First Set Out To Create This Software My Ultimate Goal Was To Make It Quick and Easy To Use. What I came Up With Is A Software Anyone Can Use No Matter What Your Skill Level Just Answer A Few Easy Questions Then Just Copy and Paste Two Lines Of Code.

Works With Any Download Page
My Next Criteria For This Software To Be Dead Easy-To-Use Was That It Had To Work With Any Download Page No Matter How Complicated The Original Code Was, It was A Must That All That Had To Be Done Was Copy and Paste With No Monkeying With HTML Code At All. We've Tested It With Dozens of Download Pages and Not Found One Yet It Wouldn't Work With.

A Complete Ready-To-Use Membership Area
The Software Had To Also At The Click of The Create Site Button Create All of The Pages Needed For A Membership Site. Easy Member Site Creator Creates A Full Function Membership Site With All The Necessary Pages Needed To Function.

Locks Your Download Pages Away From Digital Thieves
One of Your Worst Enemies Can Be The Search Engines. If Your Download Page Gets Indexed Everyone Will Have Access To Your Products and Content. Now With This Software It Doesn't Matter Even If Your Page Gets Indexed Because Accessing It Without Login Information Sends Them Right Back To A Login Screen.

Adds Instant Value To Any Product
One of The Biggest Uses For PLR, MRR and Resale Rights Products Is To Set Up The Sites And Then Flip Them To Another Buyer. If You Tell The Potential Buyer They Are Also Getting A Membership Site They Instantly See More Value In Your Product. Your Price For A Website Flip Just Increased With No Extra Work!

Easily Add Upsells, Downsells, OTOs and Special Offers
One of The Best Features To A Membership Site Is Having The Ability To Offer Upsells and Downsells To The Members When They Login Each Time. Easy Membership Site Creator Makes This A Breeze To Do and It Even Comes Configured With One Right Out of The Box. Just Edit The Page With Whatever You Want To Offer and You're Set. Plus You Can Add More Than One, You Can Add As Many As You Want Or Disable Them If You Don't Want Any.

Helps You Build Your Buyers List Automatically
One of The Key Features I Want In All of My Product Sales Is To Build A Buyers List From The Sales. Easy Member Site Creator Helps You With This By Having Your Downloads Inside A Members Are Your Customer Has To Register For To Get Access.

If You Watched The Video Above And Read Even Part of This Salespage Then You Know How Useful This Software Can Be To Have. So You're Probably Wondering How Much?!?

You Can Get This Software and All of The Bonuses Below For A Stupid Low Price of Only $9.97 .

No dimesales, a straight flat out $9.97 . My Normal Sales Price For This Software Should Be $97.00 or More. You're Getting It For Just About 1/10th Price Here Today, But This Offer Won't Last Long. Tomorrow, Monday, Wednesday or Maybe Friday Of Next Week The Price Will Increase And Most of The Bonuses Below Will Disappear.

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Now Lets Talk About The Bonuses...

In this Special Sale You're Also Going To Get Access To 3 of My Best Bonuses. One of Which Has Never Been Released To The Public, Only To My Internal List Subscribers.

Bonus #1
"100 Membership Site Tricks"
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Bonus #2
"Membership Site Income Strategies"
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Bonus #3
"Creating and Managing a Membership Site"
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Bonus Value Here
So Let's Recap What You'll Get Here Today:

Easy Member Site Creator.... $9.97 value
Bonus #1 .... $27.00 value
Bonus #2 .... $37.00 value
Bonus #3 .... $37.00 value
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Easy Member Site Creator - Personal Use



To your online success,
Alex Albert