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Your Question

Created on 2014-03-26 14:48:03 with 788 views.

Q: Power Easy Video Software - How to Use:

A: Hi,

you may see help page here:

step 2 - yes its yours
step 4 - you its your url where you upload all files

must end with '/' like http://mysite.com/

step 5 - more then 370px in width

if any - please let me know,

to your success,
Alex Albert



Sorry to bother you. Like the concept of your softwareI do this because I am not technically as savvy as you are or your peers.Certain things have to be clear in my mind.(Not stupid either) Anyway, to the point:

Step 2. Splash Page Name - Is this new splash page I am creating? If no, please explain.

Step 4: Full URL . Is this my website URL or YOUTUBE Video URL?

Step 5: Image URL. What size should the image be & format?

Step 7 thru step 9 -- I know .. have to play with that.

I am await your reply.
Suggestion. Can you show an example of finished page with arrows pointing to the steps. It will be helpful especially to the people in the sixties.