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Created on 2014-03-28 08:46:52 with 723 views.

Q: Norton dont allow me download Softs

A: Hi,

also find this forum replys - just copy/past to your browser:


You can disable Download Intelligence temporarily for the time it takes to download the program. Do not disable Norton Auto-Protect.

Download Intelligence setting is located as foolows:

Settings > Web > Download Intelligence > change to Off at top of page - Select Apply > select a time and OK.

hope this help,
to your success,
Alex Albert




Both soft are free from ad-avare and viruses.
- but are not recognized by norton
- and this block them from download again you may choose this actions:

1) disable a norton anty-virus for 5 minutes for online and security scan.
- download again
- unzip and use

also open a Norton and look on blocked items or quarantined and mark apps/soft as safe for use.

my skype: mr.alex.albert

let me know if you get any more problems with downoloads.
to your success,
Alex Albert



Hello Alex

I purchased the "Video Splash site creator" and the "POWER-MAGIC-GURU-SQUEEZE-MRR" and went straight to the download page and downloaded everything but Norton anti virus deleted the exe file and now JVZoo won't let me download even though the receipt is right there in front of their eyes. Please, I need to download this again.

Here are the two transaction ID's