WP Social Traffic Review – What is it ?


WOW! 1-Click Software
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FULL DEMO VIDEO – Watch This Complete Walkthrough of the Plugin…

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quick question for you…

Would you buy a software that could start getting you 300-400 visitors per day to your site at ZERO COST? A software that can be setup in just 3 simple steps and then you just forget about it and it still keeps sending you traffic day after day? WP Social Traffic does exactly & today you get early access to this brand new software… The best part is – you get all this traffic from FACEBOOK! Yes, the #1 social media site in the world. You’ll get 100% Real Visitors on Complete Autopilot.

Just 3 simple steps and you can start getting traffic….

– Step1 – Setup the plugin
– Step2 – Pick the content you want to get traffic to.
– Step3 – Click on the “GET TRAFFIC” button and you’re DONE.

Now you can just sit back and relax while the software works in the background and gets you unlimited traffic from Facebook.

Want to see it in action?

They tested this on a brand new website and got more than 300 visitors in under 24hrs. Yes, 300 REAL People to a completely new site with very little content. Not only that, they got another 2000 people to that site in the next one week. Imagine how many leads, sales and commissions that can bring for you. And now you can leverage that to get you unlimited traffic for FREE! This 100% newbie-friendly Autopilot Software is completely unique and this has never been done before.

1-Click and you’re done. Now getting traffic is push button simple.

So take action now and get the early bird discount before the price skyrockets. Every website & blog on this planet needs more traffic. What if you could just log into your wordpress site, press just ONE BUTTON and 100s & 1000s of visitors would start visiting your site AUTOMATICALLY.

Yes – 100% REAL People – that’s what WP Social Traffic does.

It connects with niche communities and fanpages on facebook and shares your content with
them automatically & engages with them to DRIVE them back to your site.

WP Social Traffic Features:

– This is a software that everyone with a website needs.
– You’ll never have to pay for traffic ever again.
– Works in ANY Niche you want.
– 100% NEWBIE Friendly – Push Button software.
– Getting more traffic is now just ONE Click away!
– Get Unlimited REAL Visitors on Complete Autopilot.
– 100% FREE Traffic from Facebook in just 1-Click.
– True Push Button Tech, Never Seen Before.
– High quality traffic from USA, UK, France, Australia etc.
– Skyrocket Your Income, Get More Commissions & Sales.
– 100% Set & Forget Software

You Can Get Some Sale Funnels if You Buy WP Social Traffic!.

Front End – Features

[+] One-Click Software Gets REAL Traffic to Any WP Site!
[+] Get Targeted Traffic from Facebook – without any ads.
[+] 100% AUTOPILOT – Set & Forget software, just press one button & get real traffic.
[+] Fully Newbie Friendly – click a button & you get traffic.
[+] Full Control over how your posts look on Facebook – Preview & Customize.
[+] Get Traffic from the most popular & active fanpages & communities on Facebook.
[+] Use Custom Spintax for your posts and comments – make your posts look more natural.

OTO 1 – PRO Version Features

[+] Create Unlimited Traffic Campaigns to run in parallel.
[+] Promote the same post across multiple campaigns at the same time.
[+] Get Ultra Targeted traffic to your site, posts & pages.
[+] Promote your content to Unlimited Pages, reach 100,000+ people at the same time.
[+] Get 10x MORE reach for your posts – 10x more traffic.
[+] Find & Target more niches – use upto 10 keywords to create your campaigns.
[+] Target 10x more fanpages in the PRO version.
[+] You can also add custom fanpages for driving traffic.
[+] Use Nested Spintax for comments and posts.
[+] Get a complete LOG of posts – shows all successful promotions and any errors.
[+] Live Scheduler lets you see exactly what promotions you have queued up

FULL DEMO VIDEO – Watch This Complete Walkthrough of the Plugin…

>>> Click Here To See WP Social Traffic ! <<<