Pentagon hasn’t done jack shit about China… the same men who have moved our production facilities for ships and tanks and electronics over there are the first ones to have their corporate interests protected overseas.

Those who did so for $$ are now the richest donors to campaigns and get their butts licked by pentagon officials at all the galas.

God be damned the steel worker who was willing to work overtime during the cold war to make sure that projects and tech were delivered on time. Those people were phased out and laid off… picked up pain killer addictions and turned over to pharma companies to bleed of what little they had left.

The America of the 50’s and 60’s, 70s and even 80s is no more…. we are now a nation of balance sheets and electronic payment schemes, Americas richest live over seas. If anything serious was to come down the pipe, America has been divided and cut up and its just an entity on a balance sheet of corporate holdings.

Good luck being able to build ships and tanks on the scale we were able to during WW2. First we would have to order the parts from China. Every single production facility is only a week or two away from an inventory shortage if some hemispheric bullshit were to go down.

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