If you are familiar with Pompeo-speak, this makes it crystal clear the intelligence on Soleimani doing anything out of the ordinary is going to turn out to have been dog shit. Literally every word he says about the intelligence is observations about the past:

“We could see clearly everything Soleimani has done,” Pompeo said, pointing to Iran’s influence in Lebanon and other countries in the region where he said Tehran has denied people “sovereignty and freedom.”

“If you’re looking for imminence you need only look at the days that led up to the strike that was taken against Soleimani,” Pompeo said, referencing the death of an American contractor in late December. He said the action against Soleimani “fit perfectly within our strategy” for countering Iran.

If there were any credible intel that Soleimani had a big future operation approved, imminent or not, Pompeo would be at least heavily hinting at it’s existence.

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