Sustainable fashion absolutely needs to be as accessible for as many people as possible, but the fast fashion model will never reach that all important net zero target that we need to be aiming for.”

H&M will try out a fabric that’s 50/50 Circulose and Viscose, and that’s a start. Otherwise, I agree waste should aim for zero targets – but that’s unrealistic so far. Let’s try small steps, see where it gets us. Being radical doesn’t help the cause.

If you’re not ready to change your shopping habits and completely boycott the high street, La Manna suggests simply trying to shop less frequently.

High street, lol. Stop shopping a lot – well, that’s a good point. Less consumerism is better for the planet – and for us, in the long run.

I never thought I’d get old enough to read about “greenwashing” though.

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