I was having an argument in a whatsapp group with a mate about trumps response to the virus in the US. I have sent him video evidence of trump himself calling it a hoax, video of him claiming its just a flu etc.. I then sent him a few articles from reputable newspapers…his response – “but those were written by journalists”.

It seems trumps rhetoric on twitter and any time hes on the TV has warped the easily lead. What Trump says on Twitter and what he says on TV can and sometimes are complete opposites so his followers dont are confused what to think. You cannot reason with a trump supporter, they dont adhere to normal logic. Everything is fake news, unless it comes from Dear Leaders face. They now despise journalists because they are “out to get trump”.

I spent a long time trying to get through to my friend but Ive thrown in the towel. I firmly believe that he is now part of the trump cult and they would rather die than admit anything bad about trump.

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