I used to live in Taiwan, and am honestly kind of biased in favour of Taiwan. This being said, I am really disappointed with the international community and how they treat Taiwan.

In contrast to the PRC, Taiwan (Republic of China) is a democratic nation. The country is very similar to countries like Netherlands. They have socialized healthcare (and dental care), strong human rights bills (recently was the first asian country to legalize gay marraige), quite economically advanced (immigration hub in Asia), and so on. Despite all these similarities to us, our governments do not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation because of a fear of upsetting China.

Personally, I think it is disgusting that western governments (and America’s self proclaimed “leader of the free world”) are favouring a totalitarian government over a democratic one, which resembles so many if our fellow allies.

I want leaders who are willing to protect democracies; but, unfortunately, many voters seem to not share that value…

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