They will. It’s full on Ministry Of Truth over there – they will rewrite history to claim that the doctors tried to warn officials of an impending US-borne virus but corrupt local officials shut them down. The glorious communist vanguards then moved in, arrested everyone who tried to destroy the sanctity of the state and protect the children. This fulfills all political objectives, allowing for the doctors’ stories to be confused and conflated enough where the truth is lost while allowing for a more intensive crackdown and consolidation of power. Stalin did the same a century ago.

Meanwhile, the west will never get an answer as China will promote whatever conspiracy theories they like at the UN, WTO, G20 etc like the USSR did. This will serve to waste everyone’s time and prevent those organizations from being effective or prevent them from auditing China like they audit western countries, exactly what thy want. It’s part of a larger denunciation of “atlanticist” globalism which is a big part of Russia and China’s political culture.

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