This is nothing new though, after SARS similar rules were imposed nation wide, but quickly went back to business as usual.

China faces a multitude of issues here, one as already highlighted rules aren’t followed. Unfortunately bribing an official to look away from farming and butchering animals one shouldn’t butcher takes very little (officials are often indirectly involved). Another big issue is hygiene and believes around it. Wet markets are big in China, they were banned and they are back as an affordable way to provide food to the masses. Even big city dwellers have difficulty coming around with their basic income, you can imagine in smaller cities what life is like. Combine that with the notion of “fresh is better” or “killed in fear is better”, these kind of ideas are great for unhygienic practices. Wet markets in general albeit some have seen a facelift, are appalling, and then I’m not even getting into how disgusting wholesale business is.

And there is basically another large issue, wholesale business in China is very much money driven. People have no issue to process wrong/dead meat (including state owned slaughterhouses), they have no issue in backdating, they have no issue in thawing/freezing dozens of times.

The thing is about China, if they want, they can make change happen over night. Unfortunately extremely strict rules on import are not imposed locally. While big cities like Shenzhen look like the future, their believes and way of doing is still very much 1950’s.

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