Our world leaders know that China is a piece of shit and have been willing to turn a blind eye for cheap production and outsourcing. This is not news. We know their media is state controlled, we know they lie and we know their propaganda game is one of the most corrupt in the world.

We know that China is an oppressive regime, who aggressively expand to make claim over land and people who are not theirs to control. They are ruled by a snowflake who sensors and aggressively punishes anyone who dares speak ill of the great Winnie the Poo. They have concentration camps. They murder, rape and steal. Their actions against Hong Kong shows exactly who they are and what did we do then? Nothing that meant anything. Hell my fucking country awarded them by allowing them to build our 5G network. The rape and pillage the world to a horrifying extent and while other countries are responsible for this as well, unlike China we don’t seek to hunt animals to extinction in the name of some bullshit anti science herbal hocus pocus voodoo magic whereby we still a pangolins bollocks into a medice to cure the flaccid penis of some Chinese cunt.

China act and behave in a way that is very similar in many areas to 1930’s Germany.

Fuck this country and fuck anyone who apologises for their shit.

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