Mexico deaths surge


Argentina surged past the 10,000-mark of total coronavirus cases on Friday in a fourth record day of sharply rising numbers. Nearly all
are concentrated in the capital Buenos Aires and its surrounding Greater Buenos Aires area.

The Buenos Aires metropolitan area, with a population of 12m, reported 93% of Friday’s 718 new cases, bringing the
total so far to 10,649 reported cases across the country. The total
death count is now 433, with 17 deaths reported on Friday.

Unlike its neighbours Brazil and Chile, with more than 333,000 and 60,000 cases respectively, Argentina’s numbers had stayed low
after an early government lockdown went into force on 20 March.

But numbers have started rising sharply recently. Today’s record 718 new daily cases follows a record 648 cases on Thursday, a record 474
on Wednesday and a record 438 on Tuesday.

Driving the numbers are the “villas” or slums of Buenos Aires with cramped living conditions and problems in the supply of running water.

Buenos Aires city accounted for 56% of Friday’s new cases, the
province of Buenos Aires, including the city’s greater metropolitan
area, 37%, and the rest of Argentina, with a total population of 44m, accounted for only 7% of new cases.


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