This goes back to the in 2017, where Trump refused to condemn the fact that white nationalists walking around in khaki pants carrying tiki torches were the spark to make that man kill that woman by driving a car into a crowd.

The thing about “Antifa” is, at least by the definition of its name, supposed to oppose fascism. The dissonant thing to me is that the people who claimed to be “Antifa” who were organized back then were doing (admittedly annoying) things like blocking off highways, not running people over with cars at protests.

There have been no signs of Antifa doing anything of importance since then. You haven’t really heard their name in like 2 years. All of a sudden, when obvious fascism is taking place, Antifa are the “terrorists” who are doing it.

How do you deal with a fascist other than punching him in the face?

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