DARPA has been testing a program to introduce that.

They were testing it at Defcon the last couple years, and so far the feedback has been stellar.

It’s a blockchain-based voting system. It has receipts. In theory you can download the whole chain, and then double-check your results, or even perform your own random sampling of the population to figure out whether or not a sampling of receipts were tallied, or wheher they match that polling station’s average.

It’s not susceptible to take over attacks like traditional blockchains, because they centralized where the chains from different voting stations are merged. All votes can be traced to the city/polling station of origin.

It’s also possible to combine it with other more traditional voting systems in the event that a whole country does not agree to use a digital system. For instance some cities/states may wish to cast their vote both digitally and on paper, usually with the paper ballot being filled out first and then read by scanner, and then a receipt can still be generated.

I really hope they make it available for the world, because corruption would be a lot easier to handle if people had the right tools to fight it.

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