Less consumption.

The real answer is a transition away from the endless growth model we’re currently trapped in.

Prioritize resources for research and medical/technological advances, not producing new iPhones and 2 dozen pairs of shoes for everyone.

Transition to a model where buying something and repairing it for years makes sense. Where a company doesn’t need to rely on planned obsolescence to drive YoY growth figures.

Transition to a decentralized model where small backyard farms, with the help of larger industrial producers are able to feed a local population.

Transition to a model where monoculture is not rewarded, where consumers understand that fruits and vegetables are not always perfect shape, and not always in season.

Transition to a model that believes we are part of the ecosystem – not detached from it or granted special exemption.

Most important, transition to a model that has a reasonable level of assurance that the future is a friendly place for life to exist.

Stability and the continues prosperity of our species is not guaranteed. This ties into note above, we are a part of the eco system. We can go extinct or collapse our population.

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