Maybe this headline should be “In the World, Chinese trawlers are damaging marine ecosystems and the livelihood of local fishermen.” They do it all over the world and they don’t give a shit. These trawlers go out in groups and rape and pillage a whole ecosystem of whatever seafood they can find and then move on to the next one. Countries that have good marine law enforcement can do something about it, but often, the damage is done before anyone knows what is going on. Countries without good marine law enforcement – and most countries can’t afford this – are more or less helpless. What can one or two marine law enforcement boats do against huge trawlers that travel in groups? Not much, unless they want to start some kind of war. And that’s the problem with using the Navy for enforcement: these days, there’s a definite balance when dealing with China as to being tough and the possible economic ramifications or starting a war. I’d really love to see some Navy sink the hell out of all of them, but most governments are afraid to do that.

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