Blizzard has offices in tons of countries and the stakeholders are spread all across the globe too.

Here’s a list of all the non USA based offices.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stockley Park, United Kingdom

Velizy, France


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Buchs, Switzerland

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Copenhagen, Denmark

Legnano, Italy

Madrid, Spain

Mexico City, Mexico

Mississauga, Canada

Munich, Germany

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Schiphol, Netherlands

Shanghai, China


Stockholm, Sweden

Sydney, Australia

Taipei, Taiwan

Velizy, France


Cork, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Quebec City, Canada

Seoul, South Korea

Shanghai, China

Vancouver, Canada


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Burglengenfeld, Germany

Shanghai, China

Venlo, Netherlands

This impacts families everywhere, don’t be that guy.

Edit: someone is going to need to quote the part of the article that says this is only affecting people the USA. I’ve read the article four times now, and no where does it say this is only effecting the USA based offices of the company.

Activison has been pushing cuts on blizzard for years, all of the offices are being hit. It ridiculous to think that a company doing poorly would only effect the people living in one country. If blizzard doesn’t have the money to pay you, living in another country won’t make that any different.

Edit 2: still waiting on that quote, while I enjoy more downvotes…

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