We do have an ability to retain jobs during the pandemic as the federal government is paying 75% of the salary of employees in small businesses and paying part of the commerical rent for small businesses. It has been slowly picking up but the summer tourist jobs are bad due to a closed border with the USA.

My wife owns a small business and as business is still restricted she has been getting $2000 a month since March like any Canadian that was effected by the pandemic. The government also made interest free loans for small businesses: $40,000 that you only have to pay back $30,000.

Some businesses are still not fully running due to everyone following health authority directions.

I do not vote for the party currently in power federally but I am thankful they are working with the other political parties to keep us safe.

Big plus, even our Conservative parties have done well helping everyone.

It is not perfect but as our Provincal Health officer says: Be calm, be kind and be safe.

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