Minimum sentence under the new national security law is three years’ imprisonment, while the maximum sentence is life in prison. Judges are hand-picked by the government so there is no more judicial independence. Also, Chow is still awaiting sentencing after being convicted of participating in an illegal assembly that took place in June 2019. It is possible she will be imprisoned for many years, or even for life.

Same for Jimmy Lai and all the others under the new law earlier today. Or the teenagers arrested at the end of July, who are also facing prison for making some social media posts.

No matter where you live, please boycott Chinese goods and take some time to write your government representative and urge them to take action to punish those responsible for Hong Kong’s regression and help Hong Kong people, e.g. by issuing sanctions against Hong Kong government officials and police officers, creating immigration channels to help Hong Kongers emigrate, increasing scrutiny of Chinese government-linked entities in your country, and so on.

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