These articles have to be read with care. Because the first impression may be, that the americans are to blame for the displacement. If you read the original report for example for afghanistan, than you get a different message. Many afghans returned because of the relative savety provided by the americans. The report (page 9) says, beginning with 2005 five million afghans returned to their country due to the presence of the americans. Half of them still were considered internally displaced, but that is not the fault of the western troops. Another example are the yazidis in northeast syria. There were around 900.000 yazidis in the area of Dschabal Sindschar, they fled because of the islamic state, they returned with the advance of the americans. But 300.000 yazidis left their country with the intention, never to return. It is to simply wrong to conclude, americans were fighting in this area, 300.000 people fled, americans are to blame. In all the cases where american troops were present, they mostly mitigated the cause for displacement. This is like blaming an ambulance for car accidents, because whenever there is a accidents, there is likely an ambulance present. My impression is, american troops always had been a benefit to the situation. And it is a dangerous impression, that meddling does create the mess. Mostly the mess already had piled up before any foreign troops put their boots on the ground, it just became more visible.

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