This package does a number of things.

It helps parents with the cost of fees, ensures kindergarten providers remain viable and, as we think about toe four and the 4-year-old kindergarten kids, it’s a positive transition into primary school 2021.

$30 million of this fund goes to free session kindergartens.

This supports parents with the cost of fees, providing payments of around $500 per child.

Free sessional kindergarten, community-based, school provided kindergarten, for time for across the whole of the state.

This is a really important announcement and builds on what we have already provided to parents through term two and term three.

In terms of vulnerable children, the highly vulnerable children that the Premier identified, and additional $3 million and we are going to be providing an additional five hours of kindergarten for these highly vulnerable kids.

We’re talking about 5% – 7% to go to 4-year-old kindergarten.

We target those services they get a high proportion of disadvantage children.

It would be an opt in but we will be providing that additional five hours of support.

In terms of transition, $4 million to support transitions from kindergarten to primary school, in a normal year, you would have your 4-year-old kids visiting their local schools and engaging in those schools, having a look around, getting comfortable with the school setting.

This is not a normal year so we’re going to flip it and this funding will provide support for teachers to visit the kindergarten providers.

All kindergarten providers will be able to access this site teachers will visit the kindergartens, engage with the children and with the families.

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