Be careful what you wish for friend. If Scotland does become independent of the UK it would have to meet all the criteria of the rules ( don’t forget there will be no help from the bank of England or the city of London) financial and political robust enough to add to the the Euro is compulsory and a hard border between England and visas for working in England and passports . What about ship building contracts or the Scottish military and airstations or navy bases ( Many jobs depend on the military bases) Is there any major industry in Scotland and I don’t mean gas and oil we all know it raised no capital at all for many years now. You have a population of 5.000.000 and a geography of mostly unpopulated wild landscape and dense cities ( of course beautiful rural villages ) Before you jump down my throat as a sasanach I had Scottish parents from Dundee and Wick and love Scotland I just want to be realistic about the possible knock on effect.

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