They keep arresting people and shooting photos of them with tons of guns and other weapons. They broadcast the photos on their military controlled MRTV and MWD fake news networks nationwide as “terrorists” that are destabilising the country.

I guess they’re just transporting these guns to wherever they want to arrest people randomly (they’re really just randomly arresting young men, a lot of whom aren’t even participating in the defense teams) and shoot photos of them with these guns. Then move these guns to another place. One of my closest friends who is a doctor was arrested a few days for treating patients in a volunteer clinic and was later on the news as possessing weapons, which is absolutely BS.

The thing is, if we really had that much weapons readily available, we would already have the armed revolution weeks ago and these military guys wouldn’t even last a week in their seat of power. People are really angry and the only thing we needed right now to topple the facist regime is guns in people’s hands.

The armed revolution is definitely coming. It’s just taking its time growing in power.

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