Kwasi Kwarteng could not confirm if food supply chain workers would be exempt from isolation rules; now 87 positive cases, say Games officials

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In the UK, the Road Haulage Association has said the combination of Brexit and the “pingdemic” has created a “recipe for chaos” for lorry driver numbers.

Rod McKenzie, the association’s managing director of policy, said there is already a shortage of 100,000 drivers and with so many drivers being required to self-isolate, it will “get even worse”, reports the Press Association.

We don’t know how many drivers are affected in terms of the pingdemic on a daily basis, but the effects are clear.

We started off with a shortage of 100,000 drivers, UK lorry drivers, and that’s because we’ve always had a shortage of 60,000 and we’ve lost an additional 20,000 European drivers, add to that 30,000 cancelled lorry driving tests in the past year which haven’t been made up.

What we’re able to see is the effect in terms of our shops, our supermarkets and everything else. There are fewer drivers than there were last week – and there were shortages last week.

Since the pingdemic has peaked we’re seeing this critical shortage get even worse.

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In the latest developments from the UK, the business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said he is “very confident” that the government would win a vote on vaccine passports legislation.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

You can never predict parliamentary votes but we’ve got a majority of 80 and I’m very confident we can pass the legislation we require.

I don’t know what the proposed vote will be, you can never tell what the actual vote in the House of Commons in terms of the wording and what the position is.

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