Australian politics live: question time begins as climate debate heats up; national 70% Covid vaccine milestone hit; Victoria records 1,841 cases, NSW 283

The world’s response to climate change, and that will be the subject of the summit that is being held in Glasgow in a few weeks time, will be seeking to bring people together on this issue.

And, Mr Speaker, the response that is being made around the world to climate change will have a significant impact on Australia. It will have a significant impact, particularly on rural and regional Australia, and it will be, I think, unfair for this place to send anything other than a message to those Australians that we understand that, that we understand that people in rural and regional Australia will face some real challenges to their economic futures because of what is happening around the world and be changes in the global economy.

Now, the Liberal Party and the National Party understand that and we think it is important that we don’t engage, I think, Mr Speaker, with those who have a different view to us, or even different views in a discussion in any sort of pejorative way.

I do not think that is very helpful, Mr Speaker, in what we’re trying to achieve you because I think Australians, Mr Speaker, wants to embrace the changes that are occurring but I also think they want to ensure that all Australians can go ahead together, Mr Speaker, in rural and regional areas and that we have a clear and considered plan for how that is going to be achieved so we can both the negative impacts of what is going to occur and realise the opportunities that can be there for all Australians, but particularly in rural and regional areas.

Now, Mr Speaker, that is what the Government is working through, and the Government will make a decision about the position that will be taken to Cop26, Mr Speaker.

The date has not changed. It has been the same date all year, Mr Speaker. We have been working towards that date over the course of the year so when I attend that summit I will take the Government ‘s position, and the Government ‘s position, Mr Speaker, will be determined local government positions are and that is by the Federal Cabinet…

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