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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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US Officials Confirmed Hurricane Hanna Didn’t Toppled Over Border Wall

US Officials Confirmed Hurricane Hanna Didn't Toppled Over Border Wall
Over the weekend as Hurricane Hanna blasted through South Texas, video of border fence toppling over was widely shared and attributed to the storm's winds, but US authorities said it wasn't the case.The US Army Corps of Engineers said the video was from June when high winds caused parts of the border wall to...

We’ll Be Wearing Masks for a While. Why Not Make Them Nice?

TOKYO — Rieko Kawanishi is the first to admit that the pearl-laden mask she designed is not the most effective defense against the coronavirus. “It’s full of holes,” she said with a laugh.But her handmade face covering, which she recommends wearing over a regular mask, reflects a sudden burst of creative attention in the worlds of fashion and...

‘I Was Too Fat.’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson Says Brits Must Lose Weight to Fight Coronavirus : worldnews

Many people in developed countries need to lose weight, Canadian here and a lot of people don't keep up with their own health as much as they should. I used to be that way, i wasn't fat, but i'd eat a lot of junk and drink a lot of pop.I've beat the junk food, and i've cut down...

From the Third World to the Global South

The term ‘Global South’ is not an uncontroversial one. There have been many debates in the last few decades regarding its usefulness, both analytical and historical, but especially its connection to another equally debated term, ‘Third World.’ In the midst of these debates, however,...
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