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Friday, November 27, 2020
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Fear And In(Security) in De-Facto States: Assessing South Ossetian Elections

Throughout the 21st century, secessionist wars have ravaged various countries across the world, with important repercussions for the population at large. In such contexts, where the initial violent outbreak of conflict has not resolved the secessionist demands of groups striving for self-determination, a complex...

Covid in North Dakota: One day inside a rural US hospital’s fight

Staff at a 14-bed hospital in North Dakota tell first-hand their fight to keep friends' family members alive.
Health workers at a 14-bed hospital in North Dakota are struggling to keep friends' family members alive, as rates of new Covid-19 infections soar in the US heartland's tight-knit communities. Small towns like Grafton - with a population of around 4,000 - are especially vulnerable to a surge in critically ill patients, as local hospitals have limited space and...

Trump slams global climate agreement Biden intends to rejoin

President-elect Joe Biden, who takes office in January, has said he will rejoin the global pact that the U.S. helped forge five years ago.Trump contended the international accord was “not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the American economy.”Trump, who has worked to undo most of President Barack Obama’s efforts to fight climate change,...

Stranded passenger ferry Viking Grace towed to Finnish port

Finland's oldest operating ferry given electric motorSource link

Why Research Methods Are Always Political

Why Research Methods Are Always Political
Feminist International Relations (IR) scholarship has typically had a troubled engagement with the mainstream of IR, with a great deal of disagreement stemming from differing methodological commitments (e.g. Tickner, 1997; Waylen, 2006; Weber, 1994). Whilst feminist scholars have fruitfully employed methods from across the...
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