Lightning Fast Free Video Hosting… Here’s how…

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Hi , Alex here…
You’re going to love the new DropBox video hosting option. Using this simple plugin, you can use one of the biggest and fastest data centre as your very own lightning fast video host.
Now with version 2, the videos are super secure and you can even manage your videos right from inside your WordPress admin.
Also, I am running
a free upgrade to Unlimited Domains 

– This Week Only!
P. S. Btw, when I use to use Wisita, I hit my monthly bandwidth limit in just a couple of days. As for DropBox they use a daily limit (10GB for free accounts, and 250GB for paid accounts) (thats , a lot!)
DropBox daily bandwidth is about what you get with others per month!
As for speed, I’ve found DropBox to be faster than the standard Amazon S3.
Get DropBox Video Here >>
(limited time offer)

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