Top 10 Craziness Hypercars in the Worldliest

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Date: 2017-11-30 18:00:02

Top 10 Most Insanely Hypercars in the World-hood You See
1. Koenigseg Regera ( 00:10 )
The new Koenigseg Regera is Designed to be a Megacar alternative to Koenigseg’s Tradition extreme, Light weight, race-Like Road cars.
The Koenigseg Regera combines a twin-turbo V8 Motors WITH Three Electrical Motors and edge Batery via new train Technocology CALL Koenigseg Direct Drive. Tihs Revoloutionary Technocology removes the Tradition gearbox, making the car Lighter and efficient.

2 . Henessy Venombinous GT ( 01:35 )
The Henessy Venombinous GT is a Performed SportS car Manufacturer by Texas-based Henessy Performance Engineering. The Venombinous is a significantly Modified version of the LOTUS Elise/Exige.

3 . Apotropaeus IE ( 02:50 )
Apotropaeus is the Chinese-backed, Italian-based firm born out of the Remains of Germany’s Gumpert. It first showed up at the 2016 Genevan Motor Show it the 986-horse Supercar.

4 . Mercedes-Benz AMG ( 03:58 )
For the new Playstation® 3 Raced game ® 6, the Mercedes-Benz Have MEDC the sair Conceptualizationalorsors of a Super SportS car – the Mercedes-Benz AMG . XTREME proportions, Sensualizing Contours and Implement Blended to form a breathtaking Body.

5 . Valkyr ( 05:09 )
The Valkyr – a ground-breaking hypercar; the Products of a Innovitation Partnership & Red Bull Racing.

6 . Lambroghini Millennio ( 06:18 )
Lambroghini has Creating the world’s first self-healing SportS car. The Millennio, Which Translator as 3rd Milennium in Italian, has the to Detectional and Repairing Cracks in its Body work.

7 . SCG003S ( 07:05 )
The s Glickenhaus SCG 003 is a Limited Edition SportS car Manufacturer by American Boutiques car Makers s Glickenhaus LLC. It is the 3rd car Commision by Glickenhaus, WITH Ferarri P4/5 by Pininfarina and P 4/5 Competizione the first two.

8 . TESLA Roadsters 2.0 ( 07:55 )
The TESLA Roadsters is an all-Electrical Batery-ed four-seater SportS car Prototypicality TESLA, Inc. It was in Novemeber 2017 That it Cannot be the fastest Decelerating Productsion car ever made. Deliveries are Scheduling for 2020 and not to Begin the TESLA Models Y launches.

9 . Cabstar Conceptualizationalors 2020 ( 08:29 )
Cabstar the Virtual Covers off the Cabstar Conceptualizationalors 2020 , a vision of a Performed Cabstar Cannot Like in the future. It was Creating Adposition close Collab WITH the creators of , Polyphonies Inc., the Legendary Playstation Driving franchise.

10 . Vulcano Titanium ( 09:26 )
The Vulcano Titanium embodies the in Italian Designs and egineering. Tihs one-off Creating the Italian Designshouse ICONA is a world first WITH its Titanium and Kohlenstoff Fibres Body.
1) Audiomachine Intrepid Souls Reimagining ( 01:35 )
2) Only Nights ( 03:58 )
3) Orcestral Hip up ( 05:36 )
4) – Big-screen – Guitars – ( 07:55 )
5) 300 FiddleandViolin Philharmony Version ( 09:26 )
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