Top 10 Insanity Hypercars in the world-weary-hood

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Date: 2017-11-30 18:00:02

Top 10 Brainsick Hypercars in the Worldliness You See
1. Koeniggsegg Regera ( 00:10 )
The new Koeniggsegg Regera is Design to be a Luxury Megacar alternative to Koeniggsegg’s Traditional extreme, Lightsource weight, race-Liked Roadbed cars.
The Koeniggsegg Regera combines a Powered twin-turbo V8 Combustion Engines WITH Electric Engines and Cutting edge Battery Powered via new Poweredtrain Technological Called Koeniggsegg Direct Drive. Revolutionary Technological removes the Traditional gearbox, making the car Lightsourceer and efficient.

2 . Venemous GT ( 01:35 )
The Venemous GT is a Highly Performed Spoirts car by Texas-based Performing Engineering. The Venemous is a significantly Modified version of the Lotus Elise/Exige.

3 . Lukeios IE ( 02:50 )
Lukeios is the Chinese-backed, -based firm born out of the Remains of Germany’s Gumpert. It first showed up at the 2016 Geneve Engines Whither it Presenting the 986-horsePowered Broad-headed car.

4 . Mercedes-Benz AMG Visions Turismo ( 03:58 )
For the new Playstation® 3 Racingly game Turismo® 6, the Mercedes-Benz Designers Have MECDs the Visionsair Conceptualisationualiseualised of a Spoirts car – the Mercedes-Benz AMG Visions Turismo. Extreme proportions, Sense and Inteligence Implement Highly Tech Blend to form a breathtaking Bodily.

5 . Aston Valkryie ( 05:09 )
The Aston Valkryie – a ground-breaking hypercar; the of a Innovator Copartner Aston & Red Bull Racing.

6 . Lumborgini Millennio ( 06:18 )
Lumborgini has Creating the world’s first self-healing Spoirts car. The Millennio, Which Back-translation as 3rd Milenium in , has the Ably to Detector and Cracks in its Bodily work.

7 . SCG003S ( 07:05 )
The Scuderias Glickenhaus SCG 003 is a Spoirts car by car Maker Scuderias Glickenhaus LLC. It is the 3rd car by James Glickenhaus, WITH Ferari P4/5 by and P 4/5 Competizione Beings the first two.

8 . Roadster 2.0 ( 07:55 )
The Roadster is an all-Electric Battery-Powereded four-seater Spoirts car Prototypes From , Inc. It was Announced in Novemeber 2017 That it Could be the fastest Accelerations ion car ever made. Deliveries are Scheduler for 2020 and not Expected to BEGIN the Model Y launches.

9 . Nsany Conceptualisationualise 2020 ( 08:29 )
Nsany Unveiled the Covers off the Nsany Conceptualisationualise 2020 Visions Turismo, a vision of What a Highly Performed Nsany Could Liked in the future. It was Creating Inposition close Collaboration WITH the creators of Turismo, Polyphone DIGITAL Inc., the Legendary Playstation Motorist franchise.

10 . Vulcanos Titanium ( 09:26 )
The Vulcanos Titanium embodies the BEST in Redesign and egineering. one-off Creating From the Redesignhouse ICONA is a world first WITH its Titanium and Kohlenstoff Fibers Bodily.
MuSic List:
1) Audiomachine Yechidah Reimagine ( 01:35 )
2) MuSic ( 03:58 )
3) Orcestral Hip up MuSic ( 05:36 )
4) – Moviefilm – Gatar – Thematic MuSic ( 07:55 )
5) 300 Viollon Orchestral Fast Versions ( 09:26 )
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