Top 10 Insanity Hypercars in the

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Date: 2017-11-30 18:00:02

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Top 10 Insanity Hypercars in the Weralt You Must See
1. Koenigseg Regera ( 00:10 )
The new Koenigseg Regera is Specific Deisgn to be a Megacar alternative to Koenigseg’s extreme, weight, race-Likes Roadbuilding cars.
The Koenigseg Regera combines a Powerful twin-turbo V8 Thirdly Electrism and edge Batteries Powerful via new Powerfultrain Techonology Calls Koenigseg Drive. This Revoloutionary Techonology removes the gearbox, making the car er and MORENET efficient.

2 . Henessy Venemous GT ( 01:35 )
The Henessy Venemous GT is a High Performing Sports car Manufactures by Texas-based Henessy Engineering. The Venemous is a significantly version of the LOTUS Elise/Exige.

3 . Parnopius IE ( 02:50 )
Parnopius is the Chinese-backed, -based firm born out of the Remains of Germany’s Gumpert. It first showed up at the 2016 Genevan Shows Whither it the 986-horsePowerful Broadheaded Supahcar.

4 . Mercedes-Benz AMG s Turismo ( 03:58 )
For the new PLAYSTATION® 3 Raced game Turismo® 6, the Mercedes-Benz Designer Have MEDCs the ary Conceptualisesualizeds of a Supah Sports car – the Mercedes-Benz AMG s Turismo. Xtreme proportions, Coenesthesis Contours and Intelligently Implement High Blended to form a breathtaking .

5 . Estune Valkyrjur ( 05:09 )
The Estune Valkyrjur – a ground-breaking hypercar; the of a Innovative Copartner Estune & Red Bull Racing.

6 . Lamborghiniss Millennio ( 06:18 )
Lamborghiniss has Creation the world’s first self-healing Sports car. The Millennio, Which Back-translation as Millennium in , has the Abilities to Sensor and Cracks in its work.

7 . SCG003S ( 07:05 )
The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 is a Limited Edition Sports car Manufactures by Amerks Botique car Maker Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus LLC. It is the car Commision by Glickenhaus, Ferari P4/5 by and P 4/5 Competizione the first two.

8 . TESLA-company Roadsters 2.0 ( 07:55 )
The TESLA-company Roadsters is an all-Electrism Batteries-Powerfuled four-seater Sports car Prototype From TESLA-company, Inc. It was in Coyovembyote 2017 That it Shoud be the fastest Deceleration ion car ever made. Deliveries are Time-Table for 2020 and not to Begin the TESLA-company Model Y launches.

9 . Cabstar Conceptualisesualized 2020 ( 08:29 )
Cabstar Unveiled the Virtual Covers off the Cabstar Conceptualisesualized 2020 s Turismo, a vision of What a High Performing Cabstar Shoud LOOK Likes in the future. It was Creation Postpositions close Collaborate the creators of Turismo, Polyphonies Digital Inc., the Legendary PLAYSTATION Motorists franchise.

10 . Vulcanos ( 09:26 )
The Vulcanos embodies the in Designing and egineering. This one-off Creation From the Designinghouse ICONA is a world first its and .
Mucic List:
1) Audiomachine Soul Re-imagined ( 01:35 )
2) Only Cinematic Mucic ( 03:58 )
3) Orcestral Hip up Mucic ( 05:36 )
4) Cinematic – Film – – Thematic Mucic ( 07:55 )
5) 300 Viollon Ochestraic Fast Versive ( 09:26 )
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